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Branding & Design for Afterglow Candles.

The Afterglow Shop are a London based duo, aiming to diversify and renew  candle culture during the age of self-care. With sustainability at the forefront  of their brand, they aspire to combine luxury with affordability, while  considering the environmental impact of their product.

the brief

The Afterglow Shop approached us concerning their brand identity, packaging,  and website. They desired to highlight the distinctiveness and duality of their  product through design, requiring branding that would not only showcase their  values but allow their unisex product to transcend in a largely feminine market.  We needed something refreshing, clean and striking to embody everything  they stand for.

the solution

In order to assess the market, we set out to research existing candle  companies and notable industry traits. We opted for minimalism and  monotones as a brand identity theme, allowing the product itself to take  centre stage. A modern logomark combined with an emboldened typeface ran  throughout the website, providing a clear value expression. For the product,  we went for black and white packaging with foiled elements – connoting a  stripped back, affordable luxury, while emphasising sustainability through an  upfront ‘less is more’ appearance. By choosing to subtly influence rather than  anchor the brand to popular industry traits, we created better accessibility for  all genders, ages and social groups.  

We mocked up a series of custom hand-drawn icons, that were digitalised to  maintain a contemporary yet authentic appearance. These were created for  multi-use purposes; as inserts for candle boxes, and across The Afterglow  Shop’s social media channels. Our icons also worked as part of an instructional  candle use guide, adding a familiarised touch to each order.  

Within three months of trading, The Afterglow Shop appeared in British Vogue  as part of a lifestyle feature. 

Working with XiXi Creative on our project has been a dream. They work in a totally collaborative way; listened to our ideas and took our hand drawn logo and label ideas, and really brought them to life. The design team worked quickly and efficiently, and despite delays caused by lockdown, they were able to stick to our deadline which enabled us to complete our project on time.

We love the finished product, and have had many, many compliments on our professional looking branding and website. I have already recommended XiXi Creative to two friends.

Alex & Darrell
Afterglow Candles


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